We offer a variety of service options to meet the unique needs of your child and family. Our consultative services include in-home ABA programming (individualized ABA home programs for young children), assessment and treatment of problem behavior, learning needs assessments and educational advocacy (school consultation).  All services are delivered by a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) or Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The length and frequency of consultative sessions depends on the needs of your child and family. There is no minimum number of sessions required; however, we find that families we work with on a regular basis make the greatest long-term progress. 

Our in-home consultative services generally include: 

  •  Initial learning needs assessment and/or functional behavior assessment
  •  Treatment plan written for skill acquisition and behavior reduction goals
  •  Initial treatment sessions completed by BCBA
  •  BCBA trains parent/caregiver to implement treatment plan
  •  On-going training provided to parent/caregiver with treatment plan implementation
  •  BCBA monitors data collection and progress toward treatment plan goals

Our school consultative services generally include: 

  • Initial learning needs assessment and/or functional behavior assessment
  • Comprehensive review of Individualized Education Program (IEP) 
  • Conducting classroom observations
  • Written report of treatment recommendations
  • Attending IEP meetings
  • Collaborating with school staff  

Insurance Coverage 

We are in-network with the following companies: 

  • Tricare
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield  

Insurance is not a requirement for our services and we gladly accept fee for service from all families.

Your insurance may cover ABA therapy

Your insurance may now cover ABA services due to Georgia’s Autism Insurance Reform Law (Ava's Law). Click here to watch a video presentation by Judith Ursitti, Director of State Government Affairs on Accessing Coverage for Autism Treatment in Georgia.