We are dedicated to improving the lives of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities and their families by providing individualized, scientifically-based services in the Atlanta metro area.

We believe that every child can learn and using ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), a systematic approach to learning, positive long-term results may be achieved. We will work with your child and family to create a plan that will target specific areas that are most important to increasing your child’s independence and quality of life. These areas may include problem behavior management, communication skills, social skills, self-help skills and/or emerging vocational skills. 


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Our Services

We specialize in providing in-home ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. 

We offer a variety of service options to meet the unique needs of your child and family.


Our Philosophy

We believe in functional learning goals

While every child may have different areas of need, we believe that every goal should be functional. A functional learning goal decreases the likelihood of problem behavior and increases independence in a specific area that will lead to future independence in a related area.

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What is ABA?

A functional, systematic approach to learning that is scientifically proven to achieve long-term outcomes. 

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a methodology that uses behavioral principles to increase desirable behaviors (e.g., making appropriate requests, sharing, following simple instructions) and to decrease inappropriate behavior (e.g., tantrums, aggression, self-injurious behavior).

What is ABA?